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Turkey – Istanbul

Leaving my sightseeing too late, the Topkapi Palace and Harem are closed for the day, but Haghia Sophia waits. Commissioned by Emperor Justinian in 532, she remained the most important church in Christendom for nearly 1 000 years and thereafter, with the arrival of the Turks, was declared a mosque. Since 1934, she has been a museum, where Christian and Moslem symbols live in happy harmony.
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I thought I would just write a short note to say I am in 'Sophia' (Bed 36) and enjoying every moment of my journey with you. Sophia was particularly funny, you really do write well, I like your honest opinions and thoughts, you described the Language, rather lack of language skills in Bulgaria so well.

Jaqui Dingemans

  • I have been savouring every step of your journey and currently I am in Scotland, will have to slow down because I don’t want the journey to end!

Book Talk interview with Karabo Kogleng

...and she funny hey. This girl has got a sense of humor on her...

Karabo Kogleng

Karabo Kogleng , of Book Talk SAFM radio , and I,  spent half an hour discussing the more philosophical points of gardening, of relating with nature, and the nature of border posts. All of which I got first hand experience of, during my solo drive once around the planet. The full story can be read in ‘My Year of Beds’ available  exclusively from this website.



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SABC interview – My Year of Beds

As a travel book it is as candid as they come...

Nancy Richards

Nancy Richards of ‘otherwise’ on SAFM radio and I spent 15 minutes discussing setting  and achieving goals, and the trials and tribulations of travelling solo, in countries where you understand not one word. Inspire yourself  to fulfill your own dreams and goals by reading ‘My Year of Beds’. Buy it exclusively from this website.
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Fair Lady

My Year of Beds is , in a word, magical.

Mark Skeepers

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This is a fascinating narration of a most unusual journey by a very determined lady. Annette's sharp observation and refreshingly crisp description of her drive from Europe to China is entertaining. What makes the narrative more than just another travelogue and an interesting read, is the disarming honesty and frankness with which she takes the reader along on her exploration of her own self as she journeys through different cultures. The down side is the lack of pictures - this should actually be a coffee-table photo edition, and a map, showing the route: Annette has chosen to travel through regions one has certainly heard of, but has no idea where exactly they are! I look forward to the second half.

Steffen Gentis

(authors note: Your wish is my command, the deluxe version includes maps and photographs)

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Allow me to compliment you on both your command of the English language and your entertaining penwomanship. This, from someone who would normally discard a book if the hero detective is not already hot on the heels of the grisly serial killer in the opening paragraph of the first chapter, is praise indeed. And whilst p...erhaps the re-creation and finding one's self deeper meaning of your journey may yet allude me (pleb that I am), I am still thoroughly enjoying the read. I look forward to sharing lots more bed with you (sorry, weak I know bit I couldn't resist) although you have made me feel that what little travelling I have done, has been pretty much a waste of time. So thanks for that, I do fear for the trees if this book is marketed correctly, but a forest well spent in my opinion.

Andy Bush

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Annette Jahnel 2016

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