Through the looking glass.

Did you know that you can pre-live an experience?

You can create a situation in your brain that allows it to believe it has done something before. When you have perfected this ability, doing it for the first time in reality just seems so natural, as if you have been doing this all your life, as if you were born to do this thing.

The cognitive techniques to achieve this state of mind is what you will learn in the –Through the looking glass– course.

By learning some basic neuroscience, you will discover how to program your brain to know how to live something before your body even gets in on the act.
In the –Slay the Dragon– workshop your learnt how to identify and redirect negative self-talk. In the –Through the looking glass– workshop you will learn to turn that positive self-talk into your best life coach, as you learn cognitive techniques that teach your brain how to instruct your body to direct it to the goals and experiences that you identified in the –Who are you?– workshop.

Slowly it is all coming together, as you re-engineer your neural networks to work with you to create the life you want.

Once you have completed this course you will be ready to start moving deeper into the mind-field as we start working with the positive centers of the brain; with the brains’ higher faculties, starting with theFinding your key workshop in which you learn to unlock your higher emotions, and with that, your full potential and purpose.



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