Steer your brain

Personal growth courses, workshops, and seminars, firmly embedded in neuroscience, that teach you the theory and practice of purposefully steering your brain to your goals.

Who are you?

A four week course that teaches the basics of  neuroscience and the correlation between specific cognitive exercises and your emotional brain.  At the end of the course you will have a clear picture of who you are, what you want, and a plan on how to achieve the goals you will set out during this course. You will have a clear idea of how your brain, especially you emotional brain, often unconsciously steers your life off course. You will learn the basics of three contemplative practices that are proven to help you steer your brain consciously, to help you remain on track to reach your goals efficiently.

What are you?

This one day seminar follows on the — Who are you course. You are introduced to your body as an ecosystem. Specifically a watery ecosystem. You will discover the intimate link between your body and the surrounding ecosystem in which it exists. You will learn how external pollutants affect your inner ecosystem and how these pollutants regulate your brain and the brain of your children, on a genetic level, from conception. You will discover that your body is not just a biochemical body but also an energy body. You will learn contemplative practices that will allow you to sense the subtle energy of your body, thereby allowing you a greater sense of self and of connection to those with whom  you share your life space.

Why are you?

This is the  final course in the three Neural Network Engineering personal growth courses. It is either presented as a four week course or a weekend getaway for couples,  but it never ends.  As this question is one that will blissfully occupy you for the rest of your life. You will discover that we are creators; ideally we create that harmonizing energy that we have called love. The course explores love from several perspectives, always coming back to what modern and ancient scientific knowledge has taught us about this energy.
During this course we explore how a skillful interaction between brain and body allows us to create this energy which is also known as our life force, at will. We become the source of love, no longer searching for love or waiting for love; we realize that we are the creators of love and our ultimate goal is to live in a blissful state of harmony.

It all starts by learning to steer your brain in the Who are you course.


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