Slay the Dragon.

Linda Evangelista once famously said that she was surprised that woman strove to look like the advertising world’s image of her, when she herself did not even begin to look that good.

That was back in the time before the application of photo-shopping techniques exaggerated the ideal of beauty to a comical degree, until pores, wrinkles, blemishes, or even one hair out of place is no longer acceptable. This is not just true of what we expect of women, but also of men.
With our social networks we share only the smiley moments, the achievement moments, the cool hip and happening moments. We never share the reality that in most of our lives we also live in the quiet moments, the 3am panic moments, the in-between moments, the slightly sad and lonely moments, and the moments in which we fail. In these moments doubt dragons rise in our minds, then, with negative self-talk, we tell ourselves we are not good enough, not strong enough, not pretty enough, just not enough.

It is in these moments that life seems to come at us like a dragon in full fury. Then it is time to get out our shield and sword and do some slaying.

In the — Slay the Dragon– workshop, you are taught some basic neuroscience that will allow you to recognize where your negative talk is coming from. You will discover that it is scientifically proven that you can modulate that part of your brain and redirect your internal dialogue towards a positive and proactive pathway. You will learn the cognitive practices that focus on redirecting your negative neural pathways. You will see how directly your words influence the actions your body takes. Your body is waiting for your instruction, in the –Slay the Dragon– workshop you learn to instruct it well.

As you become expert in this technique you will learn to quickly become aware of unrealistic and negative self-talk. Learn to still that nagging little voice of doubt, learn to focus on your positives, and build a habit of positive self-talk.

As you do this you will find your inner smile. There is no product or surgery that can enhance your beauty as much as the glowing smile that rises from your core, with it you become beautiful from the inside. That inner smile is your shield and sword and when you are so armed, who knows what wondrous adventures you might direct your life to.

Once you have completed this workshop you will be ready to Step through the looking glass.



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