Searching for Galileo

All truths are easy to understand once we have discovered them. The thing is to discover them.

–Galileo Galilee

The truth is that harmonious, peaceful coexistence is our natural state, the disharmony we live in is an artificial construct.

What a task! Get your arms around the universe that is the scope of this book. I admire it and the more I review pages, the more I appreciate it.  –Clint Gould PhD

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Searching For Galileo provides a fascinating insight into how Americans think about truth as discovered by the author’s conversations with people throughout the United States.  Annette Jahnel’s chronicles her personal quest for knowledge throughout the United States in a way that was addicting to follow. I highly recommend! Earl Bell, Author, Winning in Baseball and Business


In 2013, I planned to write book about sustainable living and sustainable technology. In the first few interviews, it became clear that we don’t really know what is sustainable. After some reflection, I remembered the Albert Einstein quote.

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Setting aside my book on sustainable living, I set out instead to explore our thought process. In 2014, I went on a one-year road trip that took me once around the US.  A trip called –Searching for Galileo– I was not searching for a person, but rather for new ways of thinking about the economy, the environment, evolution, education, equality, energy.

As I discovered that the thinking of the First Nations — due to their 16ky (thousand year) isolation from the Eurasian and African continents — evolved much differently to the rest of the world, I realized that the US presented me with an ideal setting to explore two broadly defined thought processes.

Your travels are so vivid and insightful and a delight to one who also has the travel bug. The books are scholarly with their many apt quotations and philosophic connections which resonate with my world and push back my barriers.You boldness in taking on the world and contacting such a wide group of thinking people and sharing with so many diverse groups can only be admired. May you continue to carry your light into the future.You are a good example to us all. –John Broom

In making this comparison I realize that I will be touching on sensitive social issues. My aim is not to say one or other is better, but to point out that there are fundamentally different ways of thinking about life, success, and society, and only when we recognize this can we actively change our own thought process to one that is sustainable.

Our thoughts have always – through the ages – created the future. Words are our thoughts realized and our words become actions that create our reality. Every thought we think, every word we use to share that thought, helps build the future, not just our own, but that of all living things on this tiny majestic rock full of life.

That is what we are supposed to do when we are at our best – make it all up – but make it up so truly that later it will happen that way.
– Ernest Hemingway; In a letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Therein lies a great responsibility. One we have always taken far too lightly, this due to ignorance, but this ignorance is slowly being wiped away by scientific findings.

The greatest explorers will always be the deep thinkers, the radical questioners, and the fearless searchers for answers. When these explorers, of the intangible unknown, move too far ahead of the crowd, they leave behind books as bridges. Through the ages, from Alexandria to Apartheid, those that prefer personal power to global harmony have destroyed these bridges. Crimes against humanity…

Every creative has a responsibility to the future. All books that speak of horror and violence, of degradation and decay, all films, all television shows that turn violence into entertainment, all plays that glamorize and make desirable our worst characteristics, that predict the demise of humanity, help to make it so. By the same token each news article that perpetuates a lie and each history book that misrepresents the past, allows us to carry forward the errors of our thinking into the future.

In reading Searching for Galileo you will discover why we are so destructive, why we don’t seem to achieve what we all say we want; global peace and harmony, and how we can achieve it, by changing just one thing, our minds…and one other thing.

At the end of this journey I realized that I had a plan that could put humanity on a path to harmony, by changing just one thing.

A simple plan that we already have all the technology to implement.

The question is do we have the will?

True beginnings, ones that take you into the unknown, are scary. While beginnings are scary, paradigm shifts are terrifying, they change everything. We are never prepared for the changes they bring, we cannot see over the horizon. That is the difficult thing, to envisage a thing that does not yet exist. But by Quantum! If we do not imagine it, it will never exist and so courage dear, courage! Paradigm shifting is the name of this game.

Ms. Jahnel’s journey unfolds in exquisite detail of both her physical surroundings and the mental maneuverings and expansions that take place. Seeing my beloved USA through her eyes was entertaining but also gently humbling. It’s a good read with a good message! –Betsy Zobl Jagosz

Searching for Galileo Paperback

Annette Jahnel 2016

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