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It is not our dreams that come true, but our thoughts. Whether we are consciously aware of our thoughts or not, they still come true. This makes for a very compelling reason to become aware of how and what we think.

Looking for a speaker who stands out from the crowd?

Annette Jahnel left the crowd a decade ago, to climb a mental Mt Everest. From there she describes a view of a future that will inspire, delight, and will leave you determined to ensure that is the future your children will live in.


What will define the future?

The Mind of Man or Machine?

Author and philosopher, Annette Jahnel  focuses on how we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

“What comes first, the thought or the thing?

All human actions start with a thought. There is not a field of endeavor that does not hinge  on the quality of an original idea.”

To push the boundaries of her thinking Annette is a solo road tripper, who has driven once around the world, several times around Southern Africa , the USA, UK and Europe. She does not road-trip to see the sights, but to gain first-hand insight into human behavior, and to tear open her mind to gain a new perspective on the thinking that drives all our decisions.

During her last extreme road trip, which took her once around America, she interviewed physicists, scientists and philosophers to find out; how we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

In her talks Annette gets right down to the foundation of all our actions.

Our thinking.

She will tell you why we are all running our lives faster and faster, why most of us are getting less and less in return, why the age of ‘jobs’ is over. Why advancement in technology does not currently translate to advancement of humanity.

Only when you know why a problem exists, can solutions be found.

Using all her creative skills; writing, metaphor, photography, and speaking, she puts together visually exciting, intelligent, and insightful talks.  Presenting  a long term, global overview of the world in such a way that you will come away with a new understanding of :

Why we think and act as we do.
What the underlying cause of the most pressing of global problems is.
Where the biggest business opportunities of the future lie.
How changing your thinking will ensure you and your company form part of the solution to these problems,  thereby positioning yourself for ongoing success.

Looking for a speaker who stands out from the crowd?

Annette Jahnel left the crowd a decade ago, to climb a mental Mt Everest. She not just describes a view of a future that will inspire, delight, and will leave you determined to ensure that is the future your children will live in, but she also shares the actions that are needed to get us there.

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The Quantum Generation

As physics delves deeper into the fundamentals of nature it is discovering that everything is connected. As neuroscience delves deeper into the fundamentals of our mental processes it is discovering that we are creating everything we perceive as real. This presentation weaves together ; Evolution, Environment, Education, Equality, Economy and Energy to illustrate how our thoughts shape our world. Because we shape the world with our thoughts we can consciously decide how the future will be.

We are the first species on Earth who have the opportunity to direct their own evolution, heady stuff!

Watch a summary of this presentation here

Driving humanity back into the economy

Starting from the premise that – the economy only exists because humans need things, without human need the economy has no value – this presentation will let you see the underlying truth and purpose of the economy and is guaranteed to set off a chain of thought that will allow you to conceive of ideas that will open doors to massive opportunity, and create a sustainable, harmonious society at the same time.

Listen to an abbreviation of this talk here.

The evolution of the visionary mind.

Starting in the Blombos cave, on the Southern tip of Africa some 70 000 years ago, Annette presents a hypothesis that weaves together environmental changes, evolutionary shifts, epigenetics, and the latest findings of neuroscience to explain why we think and act as we do today. Knowing where our thoughts, values and prejudices come from is deeply empowering.

This knowledge allows us to recognize outdated and destructive thought processes, replace them with beneficial thought process, and proactively move toward the harmonious future which all humane beings want.

Watch this presentation here

Portals of power; women in their wise age.

Feminism has taken women on the path of becoming like men, thereby becoming femen, who directly compete with men and continue to bolster a male culture that still undervalues the role of women in society. To create an equal and harmonious society the change that is required is to value the feminine equal to the masculine, not to become masculine.

Women who have reached their wise age posses the mental power to affect this


Previous Speaking Tours
2013-2014 – USA – Searching for Galileo


A creative exploration of alternative thinking. When asked ; why, after six years on the road, she is still happy to give up the comforts of a ‘normal’ life, Annette replies “I have not been bitten by a travel bug , but rather by a knowledge bug.”  Her journey  centered on expanding her knowledge, as she interviewed alternative thinkers who seek to improve our prospects for a clean, efficient, equitable future.

Annette’s goal, as always, is to be involved in life at every level. To ‘see’ for herself; to share what she’s seen; to encourage others to open their minds by using all of the talents she can summon to make a difference. She is not a critic, but a facilitator… a purveyor of possibility. She is not about dividing – but about unifying the one single world we all share together. There are billions of us in this world.  She is about what we do; what we share; the needs that unite us… and how we can go higher than we have ever gone before simply by serving each other.

“It is I that should be thanking you for the outstanding presentation for the seniors of the OPC!  I have heard rave reviews of yesterday! Your presentation was excellent!  I applaud you for your mission in life!  Please know that you have made many friends here in the greater Rochester area and we will welcome you back any time you might be in this region of the country!  I can’t wait to crack open your book and immerse myself in the journey!”

Warmest regards,

2013 – United States East Coast – One Planet One People

As I embark on my first American talk-tour, a virtual friend becomes a real friend. With Robert Fahrbach in charge of scheduling talks for the ‘Sometimes the Magic Works’ tour, we talk-toured our way from Miami to Orlando to Tampa. Inspiring audiences at 60 different events over a three month period.

“I very much enjoyed your talk at our Rotary club. I have been involved with RYLA, Rotary Youth Leadership Assembly, which brings in 100 high school age kids to teach them leadership skills once a year. I certainly think your talk would be of great benefit to these school age children. I would recommend it to anyone.

All the best,
Earl Gordon

2012 – South Africa – Baobab Tour

2012 was a year of contrasts, my ‘Bushmen and Baobabs’ tour saw me talking to audiences from Louis Trichardt in the far north of South Africa, across the great plains of central South Africa and finally down to Cape Town.

I would once more like to congratulate you on the excellent presentation given to the Sea Point Rotary Club last Wednesday and thank you for sharing your inspiring adventure with us. The members’ appreciation of your stimulating talk was shown by the standing ovation given at the end. I can highly recommend any Rotary Club or Rotary District to invite you as their keynote speaker. We are sorry to hear that you won’t be in Cape Town to speak at one of our District Conferences.”

Kind regards,
Gavin Schachat
Assistant Governor to DG Vyv Deacon D9350

2012 – United Kingdom, Scotland – Olympic Tour

In July I flew across to Germany, fired up my old travel companion the Wish Mobile in Bavaria and drove to the United Kingdom. Here I talk-toured my way from London as far north as Edinburgh, where I made a tiny appearance in the Edinburgh festival, before talking my way back south to Germany.

“ Annette gave a scintillating account of her travels round the world. Her skills as a raconteur, photographer and solo extreme traveller are impressive and her presentation is spellbinding. Originality, passion, veracity and humour are hallmarks of her take on life and her book reflects these characteristics.”

M Robson

2011 – Renault South African Tour

After touring once around South Africa with Renault South Africa.

Renault South-Africa, as a key player in the African continent, and being part of the global Renault Nissan Alliance … she makes the effort to understand the client’s needs and wants, and then convey the message with integrity and sincerity.

It was a privilege and honor to work with Annette, and should the opportunity arise will definitely solicit Annette’s services and will enthusiastically promote her services.”

Yours sincerely,
Niél Erasmus, National Network Operations Manager
Wim van Schie, VP – Quality and Service

2011 – South Africa, Namibia, Botswana  – Living Fearlessly Tour

I set off on my grandest journey since my drive once around the world. A three nations tour , ‘Living Fearlessly’ tour that would see me road tripping and speaking to audiences from Cape Town; South Africa to Windhoek then Walvis Bay; Namibia. Across the Etosha to Maun and then to Francistown in Botswana before heading back into South Africa to Polokwane and on to Johannesburg.

“You are an inspiration to women, and to people in general, who think they couldn’t possibly do something. I applaud your courage in taking on that challenge!”

Saadia Calodyne
Sur Mer Hotel, Mauritius

2011 –  South Africa  – The Wildcat Tour2012-Wild-Cat-tour

After publishing My Year of Beds it was time to hit the road again. My first talk tour “The Wildcat tour’ Took me from Cape Town up the East coast of South Africa to Mtunzini and set the tone for what was to become a road tripping talking lifestyle.

“Recently I had the pleasure to hear Ms Annette Jahnel in a report on her trip around the globe. Except from quoting from her two books it was a free speech of astonishing quality. Freshness, creativity, structural and philosophical thoughts and an excellent talent to entertain characterized this remarkable event. I recommend her highly.”

Ulrich Suesse,
Professor of Music Composition, Theory and Electroacustic Music of the Universities in Stuttgart, Germany and Durban, KwasZulu Natal, South Africa


“Annette is a humorous philosopher and disarmingly frank in her descriptions, which helps the reader to see the countries assessed with a refreshing honesty through her eyes. She displays an insight into people and places I had not thought of even though I have traveled to a few of the same places.” 

Debra Widdicombe; The South

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