Who are you?

Who are you?  Who do you want to be?  What you want?

Three simple questions that cut to the core of our lives, but which very few of us can answer with clarity.

The – Who are you? –  course will enable you to construct a short and concise answer to all of these questions. Using a lighthearted approach with serious intent I lead you through a series of challenges and cognitive exercises that will allow you to find the words to precisely describe who you are, who you want to become, and what you want from life.

The course is given either in private or, if you prefer, with a group of your friends; minimum 4 maximum 8.

In the 2-3 hour duration of the course you will be introduced to your brain, focusing on your emotional brain and will discover how this part of your brain unconsciously governs your thoughts and behavior. You will run through a series of easy, fun tests and quizzes to test various cognitive abilities. You will discover your good, bad, and ugly habits, you will define your strengths and values. You will set out the experiences and growth you would still like to achieve in life.
You will achieve all this by being introduced to several cognitive training techniques that focus on different aspects of our brain function. The –Who are you?– course is the introductory course to a series of courses that focus on various cognitive training techniques(meditative practices) that target specific parts of the brain to regenerate, revitalize, rearrange, or re-engineer neural pathways; also know as habitual behavior patterns, which are keeping you from becoming the person you want to be.

The aim of learning these techniques is to allow you to actively engage with your neural networks, to realign them with the experiences, growth, and purpose that you will discover for yourself. Once you have completed this course you will be ready to  Slay the Dragon!



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