My Year of Beds

Have you ever wanted to break free and set off on a grand and wild quest? If you wanted to go, and didn’t…come with me now.
tab3head-w On my solo drive once around the planet.

car_bookSpanning city streets, country roads, mountain paths and desert trails – it covered nearly 50,000 miles; across three continents, 25 countries and rested on 169 beds.

It forever changed the way I see life.

Aside from being the first woman to circle the globe alone in a land vehicle, I found strange and curious things hidden beneath the media storm that bashes and blots our senses. In ‘My year of beds’ I tell you all  about it.

That year of beds changed my thinking…no…it’s allowed me to think.



ISBN 978-0-9870001-3-2
Author Annette Jahnel
Published 2011
Size 229mm x152mm
Extent 587 pp text + 4pp
Material Bond 80gms,
Board 235gms
Copyright Annette Jahnel

” I thought I would just write a short note to say I am in ‘Sophia’ (Bed 36) and enjoying every moment of my journey with you. Sophia was particularly funny, you really do write well, I like your honest opinions and thoughts, you described the Language, rather lack of language skills in Bulgaria so well.”

 Bulgaria- bed 36

What the critics think.



order-book“Not only does knowledge never stop, but it is like the view from high in space, a multidimensional thing, which continually expands into new directions, new dimensions, leading to new knowledge. We control which knowledge is revealed to us by the questions we ask.” My year of beds.  Read more

 What the media think

More reviews

media“I started reading your book on the very night I bought it. It is “un-put-downable”!!! I was kinda sad when it finished. What an adventure! I laughed so hard about your experiences in America…”
Read about America

“Just finished reading “My year of beds”. Annette’s insights and personal commentaries are gems. It as though you are a fellow passenger in the Wish Mobile. So good I was deprived of sleep. That’s what the book does – You just cannot put it down.” Read more

 Wanna see some pictures?


Pictures might be worth a thousand words but the book has
250 000. To experience the whole journey order  ‘My year of beds’ today, and you could be going on the most incredible global road-trip very soon.

Don’t delay – carpe diem  – seize the day.

 It could change your life – it changed mine.

order-book“The only way to live a life is simply to start living. Your goals and dreams may seem huge and unattainable, but if you do not take that first step, they will never be achieved. My Year of Beds was a succession of tiny steps that took me once around the world

…it is a journey of the mind. It is to think very carefully about things that are often forgotten or overwhelmed by the barrage of information we have to process every day. “  Read more

 Author interview

Annette Jahnel 2016

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