Finding the key

We speak of thinking outside the box. There are no boxes. What there is, is reality, which we either shy away from, or are simply not aware of, due to how we habitually use our brain.

The previous courses were training programs to tone your brain to teach it to become still, to embrace your silence, and to learn to focus for increasing lengths of time.  Much like you would train your body to run a marathon – Finding the key  – is the first half marathon that your brain is now ready to run; to allow you to travel deeper into mind.
This is not a course but rather a facilitation in which I give you the space and permission to simply sit in silence. To allow your brain to travel into mind, where you gently expand the spectrum of reality that you are able and prepared to engage with.

In doing this you learn to forgive deeply and completely, you learn to be fully compassionate towards yourself, and towards others, and in so doing gently keep pushing at the boundaries of the reality spectrum that you engage with.

Your thinking becomes expansive, your life experience becomes ever more nuanced and richer, and therein you find the key to joy and inner harmony.

Then you are ready to embark on life’s greatest adventure, the art of making love.



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