Much thought is given to teaching the brain, but until recently, not much was given to how the brain learns.

This has often led to a disconnect between teaching and learning. We may be attempting to teach one thing, only to discover that the student has learnt something quite different.
When we combine what neuroscience and the science of  epigenetics is revealing about the brain, we discover that the environment in which the brain must survive is the most compelling teacher. The brain is constantly and unconsciously learning to survive in its environment. Conscious learning is a very small part of what the brain learns.

What the brain learns fastest and best, is behavior that seems to it to be most successful in its environment. If a formal lesson stands in contradiction to this deeply seated learning impulse, it will be rejected; unless a clear reason is given why this lesson may be beneficial to the learner’s survival.

Once this is profound truth is understood then it becomes clear why students may reject algebra, or a certain version of history, as not worth learning, if they are not presented in context of the learners environment.

The — Educate your brain — courses are designed to inform all participants in the learning cycle; parents, children, and teachers of the biological learning cycle of the brain and the profound impact environment has on our ability and willingness to learn.


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