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Personal Growth

Essential Brain Coaching
Private brain coaching and relationship consultation. Programs tailor-made for you. SQ

Essential Cognitive Skills

Holiday workshop
Introduction to kindness curriculum for teachers and parents.

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Goal setting and brain awareness workshops for students.
Educator training in contemplative practices.
Brain awareness seminars for parents.

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Parents Tuesdays 9-12 am.
Groups size 4-8;  R300/person

Teachers you are welcome to choose a workshop that suits your needs, put your own group together and then contact me to set a time slot that suits you.

Essential Workshops

Who are you? What are you? Why are you? 

Six weeks, 6 x 2 hour workshops.
Guided contemplative practice &

Mindful reminders every weekday (digital)
Minimum group size 4 persons R 3000.00/p
Next course starts 4 April 2018

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You are welcome to put our own group together and then contact me to set a weekly time slot that suits you.

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Personal Growth bespoke R3,000
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Essential Habit

Guided contemplative practice, every weekday (digital) R 200.00/p/mnth

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Guided visualization and cognitive training.
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Monday            6-7am              R 100.00/p
Wednesday      5.30-6.30pm  R 100.00/p
Saturday           7.30-8.30am  R 100.00/p

Essential Adventures

Mindfulness training through photography
Gratitude writing
Road tripping retreats

Essential Relationship Growth

What is love? Why love?
Cognitive training to create love

Family realtionship sessions
1/2 day workshop SQ

Business Growth

Management training
Creating rainmakers
Think Tank facilitation
Future outcomes visualization

Essential Keynotes — Seminars
Essential Moms Monday
Essential Saturday




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