Brainstorming sessions are a vital part of future planning in any business.

In an optimal session, the brain is fully engaged with all its intuitive, creative, and precognitive abilities in a confident, generous free flow.
To discover if your brainstorming sessions are functioning in this optimal state, ask if the group members finish each other’s sentences, generously augmenting the ideas of others, or does the session often end in unspoken dissent? Does everybody participate enthusiastically, sharing their ideas with confidence, or is the group often usurped by one negative voice? Do the participants become unfocused after half an hour, constantly returning to their own agenda and not the future of the company. Do you sometimes wonder if it is even worth the trouble of having brainstorming sessions at all?
This is the result of incorrect preparation for the group session. When we are preparing for a physical challenge such as a marathon, we would not think to proceed without preparing our bodies optimally for the event. We would not think to spend the weekend or night before the event consuming food and drink that would reduce the performance of our bodies.

A brainstorming session is an endurance event for the brain; to achieve the optimal brain function during the event, the proper training, preparation, and pre-event behavior is as important as that for a physical event.

In facilitating your brainstorming sessions, the Essential knowledge Co. ensure that all the individual members enter into the session with their brains fully primed, fit, and ready to tackle this endurance event with the positive mindset, stamina, and focus of a top athlete.




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