Annette is a global citizen, who combines her experience in photography, painting, conceptual art, professional speaking, and urban philosophy; arising out of her extensive solo road tripping  – Annette is the first woman to drive solo, once around the world – with her creativity, intelligence, and insights ( gained through the authorship of two insightful books) in her Peak Mental Performance programs.
Here she focuses on the most challenging creative medium of all – the human brain. Whether you want to change your world or ‘the world’, the starting point remains the same – your brain.  


The first step in changing anything, is being aware of where the change takes place first. The source of all change is in your brain.
Before you can change your brain, you need to be aware that you have one.
This may seem an odd thing to say, of course you know you have a brain; on an intellectual level, but are you physically aware of it? Are you conscious of it working, while it is working. To illustrate the point, are you aware of your little finger?  You know you have one, but can you close your eyes and feel any sensations at all where your little finger is? Are you physically aware of any body part? 
What I do is teach you to still your brain, to hone your focus and concentration,  until you become fully aware of your whole self. This keeps you anchored in the present moment, allowing you to see the world as objectively as possible.  When you achieve this, then your brain is yours to command, which eliminates the need for any further coaching.

Dear Annette—I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed your visit  to Cleveland […]

As we discussed, at this time I am deeply interested in the role of silence and reflection on brain function  and learning, which becomes apparent from your journey around the globe, and our planet’s place in the universe.   […]

We need more of you folks in the middle: the artist who understands the brain, and the neuroscientist who understands art.

Thank you again for your visit, your energy, and your courage.

Very truly,    Jim Zull; Professor of Biology, Biochemistry, and Cognitive Science [Full letter here]

I work at the maverick end of the mental spectrum. My clients don’t see life in terms of boxes or blue skies, they see far beyond, into infinite possibility. I share that vision, and know that living life on the cutting edge is not all fun, sometimes hacking through the dull morass of thought that surrounds the truly visionary dulls the blade.
To get your edge back, call me, I know how to hone the blade of incisive intellect.

Annette is the most versatile mental coach you will ever work with. With her practical knowledge of the human brain, her creativity, and writer’s knack for metaphor, she takes the intangible realm of your brain and makes it real. Drawing on sometimes hilarious, sometimes hair-raising anecdotes from her extraordinary life, she explains how every brain makes sense of the world. With great empathy, she feels your reality, and she puts it all into perspective.

Working with her allows you to see that through practicing various cognitive exercises you gain control of the sometimes wayward cast of characters that live in your head, allowing each situation to play out perfectly, whether it is the boardroom, bedroom, or the golf course.

If you have put yourself into a situation where you are just a little over-stretched; I know how you feel. Not because I know your situation, but because I know what the brain does in those out-there moments. I have had a whole lot of my own, on my own, out there in the badlands of the planet, where it was just me and my brain, or bust.  I have never gone bust, I got close once or twice, but hey, that’s part of the ride…right? 
Pushing the limits, and destroying comfort zones, that’s my kind of life. When you live that kind of life, you know that you cannot coach a life. There are no rules to living that one person knows better than another. Nobody can tell you what to do with your life, only you can do that. You do it best when you make the right choices and take the right actions.  
To do that you need a brain that is working at optimum level. Through cognitive exercise it is strengthened, it becomes flexible and resilient, which is a good thing, as when you step out and live that life of exciting purpose – flexibility and resilience will be vital. But that is not all you can expect.
 Extracts from some testimonials

“[…]drive and achievements directness and sense of humour.

[…]base level of curiosity… educated in a way that few people have the ambition to pursue[…]a strong sense of awareness and compassion,

[…]free thinker, flowing, creative, an adventurer[…] courage and confidence[…]  competent, reliable and down to earth.  a ‘can do’ attitude […]persistence and ingenuity[…]confidence, assertiveness and strength[…] courage.  

 […]a Swiss army knife of creativity and resourcefulness.” [full testimonials here]

Creativity, resourcefulness, confidence, assertiveness and strength, persistence, adaptability, ingenuity, curiosity, independent thinking, add to that mental resilience, flexibly, and emotion control, then you have a clear picture of what mental training will do for you.
These words are common to those who know their minds, if these words appeal to you, then let’s talk. By prioritizing the fitness of your brain  as much as you do your body, you will experience a leap in creativity, productivity, and harmony in your life.
When our brains operate on that optimal level, we begin to understand what the superpower of the human animal truly is.
Perhaps you have already achieved everything that our success model demands of you. Perhaps you are asking, is this it? No, this is not it, not all there is. With mental training, your awareness will expand to include possibilities that those with flabby brains simply cannot conceive of.
I am often asked which country I would like to visit again. I quote from my books.

‘It is the in between places, places between cities and tourist hotspots where few decide to stop, in these places I discovered the place I most like to visit, again and again. That place is the vast universe of creation and possibility that exists in our mind.” –– My Year of Beds

“The infinite universe of the mind is the new horizon, the uncharted sea of possibility that will beckon the explorers of tomorrow. Adventurers who will slip gently into the deep abyss that is the mind-field, returning with tales of wondrous places, new realities, and we will not believe them until we learn to go there too.” –– Searching for Galileo


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