Since 2006 Annette has road-tripped the planet solo, spoken to its people, lived in their homes, listened to their concerns and delights, looking for the answers to;

How we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

Her books, brain training courses, artworks, and presentations all explore our thinking by interweaving the most important topics of our age.

Energy, Environment, Economy, Evolution,Equality and Education.

In her presentations Annette approaches these topics from a unique global perspective, using hilarious or deeply insightful anecdotes from around the world, she delves deep into our history and evolution to shed light on why we think and act as we do. By combining her singular global perspective, extensive research into the evolution of our thought process, and the latest discoveries of neuroscience, she sets out a workable plan to reach a sustainable and harmonious future for all who inhabit this planet.

Her messages are challenging, but upbeat. Listening to Annette is like finally getting the right prognosis of a lingering ailment. She shares sometimes painful, yet necessary knowledge, which will empower you to make the fundamental changes in your thinking, which are required to allow humanity to finally start healing the ills it continues to inflict on itself, and the environment.


I think if you leave people happier than when you found them you are doing well.
I think humans should pay more attention to thinking than shopping.
I think thinking is better than champagne and dark chocolate. 

I think having an original thought is as good as it gets.
I think wisdom should have more value than wealth.
I think self-control is the most important discipline.
I think thinking is a great way to pass the time.
I think happiness is the best habit.
I think all things are connected.
I think therefore I become.
I think therefore I create.

I think the time is ripe for a revolution of the self-governed, purposeful mind.
I think that all who govern their own minds have the goal of harmony.

All content on this site is original and is copyrighted to Annette Jahnel 2016


Annette Jahnel 2016

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