Life is all about building relationships.

The most essential relationship you build in your life is the one with your brain. Peak mental performance coaching allows you to make that relationship positive, powerful, and proactive .

Peak Mental Performance

A healthy, toned, and flexible brain is the foundation of all success.
With specific mental exercises we can consciously enhance our brain function. We work on our improving our bodies all the time, yet the organ that governs our lives -- our brain -- most of us never give any thought to.

Peak mental performance coaching ensures your brain is working optimally and is fully in your control. This is a vital step to improving anything in your life

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Essential Knowledge co.

Peak Mental Performance Coaching
Essential Cognitive Skills
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Essential Self Discovery
Essential Weekly Cognitive Practice
Essential Adventures
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Essential Relationship Growth
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Searching for Galileo
Come with me on a road trip once around the USA to discover how we think, what we think and why we think what we think and how that has shaped the world we live in today.

My Year of Beds
Your goals and dreams may seem huge and unattainable, the only way to way to achieve them is to simply start living them.
Have you ever wanted to break free and set off on a grand quest...come with me now.

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Author, Peak Mental Performance, Professional speaker


Since 2006 Annette has road-tripped the planet solo, spoken to its people, lived in their homes, listened to their concerns and delights, looking for the answers to;

How we think, what we think, and why we think what we think.

Focusing on the most important topics of our age

Energy, Environment, Economy, Evolution, Equality, and Education.

In her books and presentations Annette approaches these topics from a unique global perspective, using hilarious or deeply insightful anecdotes from around the world, she delves deep into our history and evolution to shed light on why we think and act as we do.

Her peak mental performance coaching and workshops combine practical, logical applications of her life lessons and extensive research in neuroscience to allow you to transform your life by transforming your brain.

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